Friday, January 16, 2009

FAQ: I make several products. Which one will sell best at Farmer's Market Online?

Vendors at Farmer's Market Online communicate with and make sales to shoppers directly. We require no sales reports and charge no commissions. Consequently, we have no sales figures to offer, or comparisons to share regarding the marketability of one product over another.

Each Booth is limited to one featured product (and all available flavors or varieties), such as apples or soap or baskets, and each Booth is leased in a specific section of the market (Specialty Foods, Baked Goods, Meats, Handmade Crafts, etc.). You are welcome to change the featured product at any time during the term of the lease as long as the product is appropriate to the section (i.e., Specialty Foods).

In other words, you could feature your Chutney in your Booth for a couple months and then change to Salsa for a couple months and compare your results.

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