Thursday, January 29, 2009

Have You Tried...? Chainless Folding Bicycles

With demand for folding bikes gaining speed -- especially among budget-minded and eco-conscious users in metropolitan areas -- a new chainless technology has been introduced that eliminates the grease factor, which has been the messiest complaint city riders have had about folding bicycles.

Abio Bikes has introduced a line of greaseless and chainless folding bikes that liberate pedal-pushers from conventional chain versions by providing a cleaner, greener and more maintenance-free bike.

"Chainless bicycles are a great thing, especially for those who don't want to fuss with maintenance and lubrication," says Abio Bikes founder Teck Chu. "With this system owners can now spend less time tinkering and more time on the road."

Abio's belt-drive "Verdion" and shaft-drive "Penza" models are specially designed and built so there are no greasy or exposed parts. Versatile and durable, the chainless bikes deliver a smooth ride and are easy to fold, carry and store.

The diminutive yet stylish folders weigh around 30 pounds, and can compactly fold and unfold in about 15 seconds. Folding bikes allow owners to fit them in buses, trains, planes and cars as well as space-restricted apartments and offices, where they can slip into a closet or under a desk.

Abio Bikes come 95-percent assembled. Only minor tightening and adjustments are needed before hitting the road. List prices start at $790.

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