Monday, April 13, 2009

Alfajores from Lake Grove, New York

A favored treat in South America, alfajores (pronounced AL-FA-HO-RES), are two round sweet and buttery biscuits joined together with delicious "dulce de leche" (a caramel-like spread) and covered with powdered sugar.

Rarely available in the U.S., alfajores are now available direct from Nelly's Alfajores in Lake Grove, New York. Visit their Booth in our Baked Goods section to purchase alfajores in stacks of Stack of 14, 20, 26, or in a gift tin holding 16.

Founded by Nelly Valverde, a native Peruvian, Nelly's Alfajores also offers chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies. Look for links to Alfajores on the Cookies page as well as the Buy Direct Directory.

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