Monday, May 25, 2009

Open Market:: McClure's Pickles

One of our pickle vendors, McClure's Pickles, is featured in the May 24 Detroit Free Press.

In an article entitled "Revenue is expected to double this year for McClure's Pickles," business writer Jewel Gopwani describes how Joe and Bob McClure have converted a family tradition of making pickles using their great-grandmother's recipe into a prosperous business.

"This year, Joe expects McClure's Pickles to more than double its revenue," Gopwani reports. "The company's customers, at about 80, has doubled compared with last year. McClure's also is almost doubling its space by building a walk-in fridge next door to its pickle-making operation in Troy.

"The company makes two types of pickles -- garlic dill and spicy. McClure's also makes relishes in those flavors, and is starting to make beer-based mustards.

Look for links to McClure's Pickles on our Pickles page as well as the Michigan Farmers Markets Directory

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