Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Selling Points: Changing eBay

Although it remains an omnipresent force in the world of online commerce, eBay is making changes as the number of buyers on the site is declining and many sellers are going out of business or finding other ways to market their goods.

David Port of reports in PC World that eBay's decision to allow big-box retailers broader access to its site could endanger small sellers and fosters a bias toward fixed-price sales.

"Rumors that eBay is positioning itself to eventually do away with auctions or auction categories are unfounded, assures (eBay's senior manager of seller advocacy, Jim) Griffith, who says the company has "absolutely no intention" of doing so."

Griffith told Port that he understood why some sellers fault eBay for introducing "unnecessary complexity" to the auction marketplace. "Our mission today is to make things simpler through streamlining and consolidation."

Selling Points

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