Friday, June 26, 2009

Selling Points: Social Networking for Farmers Market Vendors

With hundreds of millions of users worldwide, social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook present an opportunity for farmers market vendors to connect with new customers, both locally and around the globe.

Whether they grow tomatoes or craft birdhouses or raise emus or make soaps, vendors can profit from social marketing with an investment of time online, but very little cashflow.

To get started, vendors should visit the following sites and look for those that seem best suited to their products. Search the sites for products by name and see what kind of conversations and networking they currently offer.
Once accounts are opened, vendors should build profile pages with links to their Farmer's Market Online Booths, websites, email addresses, blogs, or other online presences. Make it easy for people to make contact by including invitations to social networking pages with each email sent.

Add photos, logos and links that best promote the product.

Crosslink with as many petinent contacts as possible, whether they be customers or colleagues or friends or neighbors. As with a busy open air market, the larger the circle of online contacts the more opportunity there will b for conversations and sales.

Vendors should use their social networking pages to announce new products, events, sales, bonuses, giveaways, contests and more.

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