Sunday, November 29, 2009

Gamesmanship ~ Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Origins
reviewed by ITChuiko

At the beginning of this month Bioware released its latest fantasy RPG for both PC and consoles, and ever since then it’s been raining roses, praises and applause...

The games outer layer – graphics and sounds – leaves no room for complaints: the environment is slick and polished, the characters and armors are highly detailed, and the soundtrack and sound effects are decent and nonintrusive....

But I wouldn’t go as far as to call it outstanding, impressive, state of the art, or a 5star game as many others did. No, it’s not a life changing experience. No, I wouldn’t lift babies towards the sun to thank the gods for it, I wouldn’t stand in line for it and no, I’m not dying to find out if they are working on a sequel to it. But if you are looking for decent entertainment, I can assure you that Dragon Age is a good investment of both your money our time.
Dragon Age: Origins

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