Monday, November 2, 2009

Selling Points: Bartering for A Better World

Some New Jersey farmers market vendors are contributing to "A Better World" by bartering produce in exchange for prepared meals at a new community cafe in Highland Park, according to a report in The Daily Targum at Rutgers University.

A partnership between Who Is My Neighbor? Inc. and Elijah’s Promise, A Better World Café aims to provide sustainable, healthy and affordable food options for those in and around the Highland Park community. The restaurant has a menu with set prices that patrons pay for meals, but cash is not the only option.

"Customers can volunteer an hour of time in exchange for a meal voucher, which can later be used in exchange for food, she said. Those who can neither pay nor volunteer may enjoy a complimentary meal option free of charge," The Daily Targum reported.

Zone 7, an organization that acts as a middleman between local farmers and restaurants, helped organize tbe farmers’ market vendors’ trades of produce for meals.

A Better World Café opened less than two weeks ago at the First Reformed Church of Highland Park. Food is prepared at Elijah’s Promise Culinary School on Livingston Avenue and delivered to the church. A grand opening will be held soon.

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