Friday, November 20, 2009

Selling Points: Green Market Continues to Grow

The market for products marketed as eco-friendly, green, natural, organic, humane, or fair trade is thriving despite the recession, according to market research publisher Packaged Facts.

Based on data from Packaged Facts' surveys, one-fourth of U.S. adult shoppers frequently purchase certified organic food or beverage products and one-third are usually willing to pay more for organic foods.

“With the economy foremost in consumers’ minds, heightened price sensitivity in the midst of the current recession is inevitably having an effect on the market for ethical products,” says Don Montuori, publisher of Packaged Facts.

“However, our survey indicates that more shoppers understand the environmental, social, and economic implications of their choices. The result is a sizeable number of consumers who will purchase typically more expensive ethical products even in economically challenging times.”

The U.S. market for "ethical products" has annually grown in the high single- to low double-digits over the past five years. Packaged Facts forecasts the growth rate will persist despite the recession and the market will approach $62 billion in 2014, up from a projected $38 billion in 2009.

Selling Points

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