Sunday, January 31, 2010

Silk Pencil Skirts from Princeton, New Jersey

Silk Pencil Skirts now available from Princeton, New Jersey

Pencil skirts possess the power to make anyone look beautiful, curvy, and smart. With a straight narrow cut and slim fit, the pencil skirt is a great looking fashionable garment.

Generally knee length or slightly below it, a pencil skirt is a must-have item for women who love to dress fashionably. This versatile garment can be worn as casual wear, teamed with a button down top or shirt with flats, or worn as formal wear with a nice blouse and a pair of high heels.

This black pencil skirt falls just around the knee with a skirt length between 19.5Ó and 21.5Ó, depending on the size. Made with a superb black silk crepe de chine fabric that flows, sways, and shimmers softly, it is also lined on the inside with pure silk.

Skirts and Bottoms
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Saturday, January 30, 2010

See The Movie: The Lovely Bones

posted by Kim Voynar on Movie City News:

Thanks largely to a brave, raw performance by Saiorse Ronan, the film version of The Lovely Bones isn't intolerably hard to watch, and may even end up being a successful sale to same teen market that's been flocking to darker, moodier fare like the Twilight series...

... The biggest turn-off for me about the film was Jackson's vision of Susie's afterlife, which seemed to cull very heavily from What Dreams May Come with its vivid, saturated colors and slow-mo floating leaves and such surrounding Susie as she stares in wonderment at where she's ended up.

The Lovely Bones

Friday, January 29, 2010

Chocolate Potato Chip Clusters from Cleveland, Ohio

Milk Chocolate Potato Chip Clusters now available from Cleveland, Ohio

From the "Home of the Original Chocolate Covered Potato Chip" where this special treat for over has been made 25 years, Milk Chocolate Potato Chip Clusters bring out the crunch and salt of the potato chip while offering the creamy texture and wonderful flavor of milk Chocolate.

Pieces and crumbs of potato chips are formed into clusters using chocolate and WOW! what a combination. This is truly a unique item that makes great holiday gifts, corporate gifts or a party treat. Sold in a one pound box with a gold bow.

Spices and Seasonings: Smoked Paprika

Now available in Spices and Seasonings: Smoked Paprika

Rich and complex with Smokey overtones, this paprika is the foundation for many Spanish dishes. Use this paprika to develop rich flavors on meat and seafood dishes.

Fresh pods from the mild Nora Pepper are smoked over oak logs to develop the flavors. This technique brings out different aspects of the peppers' complex flavor. Peppers smoked over an oak fire develop into a rich and complex palate which is much more powerful and pronounced than in sun-dried varieties.

This product is made in Spain.

Raw and Gourmet Honey from West Grove, Pennsylvania.

Raw and Gourmet Honey available direct from the beekeeper in West Grove, Pennsylvania.

This apiary has been located in Chester County for over two decades. Honey from resident honeybees is available in 10 different types and sizes of containers and four shades that represent the distinctive flavors made possible by the diversity of the floral sources available to the honeybees.

With the exception of the honey that is marketed "Still in The Comb", the honey has been carefully extracted from the honeycomb using centrifugal force.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bridal Dress now available from China

Dragon and Phoenix Bridal Red Dress now available from China.

Silk-blend dress with silk brocade, Chinese frog buttons. Dry clean only.

Prime Beef available from Alsip, Illinois

USDA inspected Prime Beef available direct from the farm in Alsip, Illinois.

These cuts of hand-trimmed USDA Prime Beef and Dry-Aged Steaks are offered by an Illinois family farm that's been operating since 1947.

Available cuts include Filet Mignon - Complete Trim, Filet Mignon - Close Trim, Rib Eye Steak, Porterhouse Steak, Top Sirloin Steak, Strip Steak, and T-Bone Steak.

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Kitchen Gadgets: Donut Maker

See what's new in Kitchen Gadgets: Donut Maker

Ready to try making homemade donuts?

This batter drop donut maker includes complete instructions and recipes. Once you've made the batter simply pour it into this holder, push the plunger, then release into the hot oil for uniform and professional results.

Donut Maker
Kitchen Gadgets
Kitchen Supply
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Handmade Pecan Toffee from Enid, Oklahoma

Handmade Pecan Toffee available direct from the confectioner in Enid, Oklahoma.

These decadent handmade toffees are produced in the golden, wheat-filled plains of Oklahoma. Sold in 8-ounce and 16-ounce sizes, the toffee is meticulously packaged in either elegant ballotin boxes wrapped in chocolate-colored ribbon or in seasonal gift bags. Shipped fresh as soon as they are ordered.

Sold in the following varieties:
  • Sweet Dreams Walnut Wonder
  • Sweet Dreams Almond Delight
  • Sweet Dreams Pecan Crunch
Candies and Other Sweets
Specialty Foods
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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cheese direct from the cheesemaker in Trumansburg, New York

Cheese available direct from the cheesemaker in Trumansburg, New York.

These cheeses are all made from raw cows' milk produced by 50 milking cows at the cheesemakers' dairy, located on a family farm that dates back to 1919.

The milk is rBST-free (i.e. no added Bovine Growth-Hormone). The milking cows are on pasture 24 hours a day, in season. The farm also grows the cows' winter forage and most of the inputs for the grain rations.

Ginkgo Tree Kits from Vancouver, Washington

Ginkgo Tree Kits now available from Vancouver, Washington.

Kits contain everything needed to start and grow a tree, including Ginkgo seeds, coir seedling pot, stratification/growing medium wafer, terra cotta plant saucer, aluminum tag for personal inscription, and a reference guide.

Ginkgo Biloba is one of the oldest living tree species on earth and a symbol of long life and memory. It is a hardy ornamental tree that is virtually resistant to every kind of disease, pest, and fungus.

Suitable for many climates, Ginkgo can be planted in zones 2 through 9, which includes most of the continental US. In 10-12 years, the tree will stand about 20 feet tall.

Plants and Seeds
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Selling Points: Competing for Attention

Jodi Lastman writes on the Hypenotic blog:

As a consumer, we have many, many options to choose from. Food producers need to think about what they have that no one else can lay claim to.

Does your pork come from a heritage pig that has a distinct taste? Has your method of making scones been praised by Martha Stewart? Is your milk the favourite of baristas because it froths like none other?

Management of New Product Launches and Other Marketing Projects

Monday, January 25, 2010

Market Watch: How Much Corn is Needed?

The sharp decline in winter wheat seedings in 2009 has analysts guessing how that acreage will be divided among spring-planted crops in 2010. It's an important question that will affect grain markets in the coming months.

"The first question is, how many of these acres will get planted to all crops?" said Darrel Good, University of Illinois Extension economist. There are 6.2 million unplanted acres of winter wheat and the 2.4 million acres of Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) contracts that matured in 2009 and were not extended.

The acreage of principal crops planted in the United States varied by 13.1 million acres over the past 10 years. Planted acreage plus CRP acreage varied by 9.6 million acres.

"The recent peak in planted acreage was in 2008, following four consecutive years of declines from 2003 through 2006. High prices and generally good returns resulted in a 9.4-million-acre increase in total plantings from 2006 to 2008.

"Planted acreage declined by 5.7 million acres in 2009 even as CRP acreage declined by 1.1 million. Total planted acreage may or may not increase in 2010, depending on prospects for crop returns in the spring. It is difficult to anticipate the magnitude of total planted acreage."

Planting decisions for individual crops in the spring of 2010 will be influenced by crop prices, prospects for net returns for completing crops, and spring weather conditions.

"There is some concern that the late corn harvest in 2009 has resulted in the need for more than the usual amount of spring tillage and fertilizer application. Planting corn after corn may be particularly challenging in some areas due to the lack of fall tillage and rough field conditions due to harvesting under wet soil conditions. An early, open spring would be helpful for catching up with field work."

Rather than trying to anticipate farmer planting decisions with so many factors unknown, it might be more useful to ask how many acres of each crop are needed in 2010.

"The focus here is on corn acreage. The number of corn acres needed for harvest in 2010 depends the magnitude of stocks at the beginning of the 2010-11 marketing year; the desired level of stocks at the end of the 2010-11 marketing year; the 2010 U.S. average yield; and the size of the market for U.S. corn during the 2010-2011 marketing year."

The USDA currently projects that stocks of U.S. corn at the end of the current marketing year will total 1.764 billion bushels.

"A comfortable year-ending inventory, reflecting neither shortage nor surplus, is probably around 1.5 billion bushels.

"Domestic use of corn for ethanol consumption will increase a minimum of 200 to 300 million bushels due to the mandates for renewable fuels production. Domestic feed use may decline modestly due to the increased feeding of distillers' grains and stable livestock numbers. Exports of U.S. corn may increase modestly if world wheat production fails to remain at the extremely high level of the past two years and China does not have exportable corn supplies.

"Consumption of 13.25 billion bushels of U.S. corn seems reasonable for the 2010-11 marketing year, suggesting that production needs to be near 13 billion bushels."

The number of acres needed to produce 13 billion bushels of corn in 2010 obviously depends on the U.S. average yield.

"The best guess at this time is for a trend yield in 2010. The calculation of trend yield depends on the base period for calculating trend and whether the calculations are based on the trend of actual yields or the trend of yields adjusted for variations in weather conditions. We use the period 1960 to 2009 and weather-adjusted yields to calculate trend.

"Trend yield for 2010 is 158 bushels, well below the record yield of 165.2 bushels in 2009."

A yield of 158 bushels implies the need to harvest 82.3 million acres of corn for grain in 2010, requiring planting of about 89.5 million acres. That is about three million acres more than were planted in 2009. The USDA will release the results of its survey of farmer planting intentions on March 31.

Source: Darrel Good, 217-333-4716,

Free Listings for Products Made or Grown in Haiti on the Buy Direct Directory

To assist Haitians in their economic recovery from the devastating earthquakes of 2010, Farmer's Market Online® offers listings on its Buy Direct Directory free of charge for any product made or grown in Haiti. This includes products sold via Fair Trade or through relief agencies or other parties who can substantiate their connection to Haitian producers.

Products listed can include pre-orders for goods to be delivered at a future date, or offers for custom-made or grown items requiring up front capital investment.

Use the following link to register listings for Haitian products:

Buy Direct Directory links for Haitian products may be made to an email address, website, or phone/cell number.

Good Weight: Free Samples

Kashi is offering free samples of two of its cereals and one of its granola bars. Visitors to its website may select one sample from the following three options:

GOLEAN Crisp! Toasted Berry Crumble Cereal. Crispy clusters tossed with blueberries and cranberries.

TLC Dark Chocolate Coconut & Grain Bar. Chewy granola bar topped with dark chocolate and coconut flakes.

GOLEAN Crunch! Honey Almond Flax Cereal. Crunchy almonds, golden honey and toasty grains.

Complete the online form and allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Glacé Apricots from Wapakoneta, Ohio

Glacé Apricots now available from Wapakoneta, Ohio.

These tasty glazed apricots, either whole or large pieces of fruit, are sold in an 8-ounce tub.

Farm Produce
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Bites: Blueberry Juice Improves Memory

Scientists are reporting the first evidence from human research that blueberries — one of the richest food sources of antioxidants and other so-called phytochemicals — improve memory.

A study published in the American Chemical Society's Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry establishes a basis for comprehensive human clinical trials to determine whether blueberries really deserve their growing reputation as a memory enhancer.

Previous studies in laboratory animals suggest that eating blueberries may help boost memory in the aged. Until now, however, there had been little scientific work aimed at testing the effect of blueberry supplementation on memory in people.

In the study, one group of volunteers in their 70s with early memory decline drank the equivalent of 2-2 l/2 cups of a commercially available blueberry juice every day for two months. A control group drank a beverage without blueberry juice. The blueberry juice group showed significant improvement on learning and memory tests.

The research involved scientists from the University of Cincinnati, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the Canadian department of agriculture.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lamb from Hop Bottom, Pennsylvania

Lamb now available direct from Hop Bottom, Pennsylvania.

This lamb is sold direct from a 25-acre farm nestled in the Endless Mountains of northeast Pennsylvania.

Cuts include Leg of Lamb, Ground Lamb, Lamb Chops and Cubed Lamb. Shipped vacuum packed and flash frozen.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Open Air: Davidson Farmer’s Market

Davidson Farmer’s Market in North Carolina is extending the hours of its biweekly series of Saturday morning winter tailgate markets to 9am - noon.

Vendors at he winter tailgate market are offering winter and early spring produce such as lettuces, root vegetables, hearty greens, pastured meats and cheeses, freshly baked breads, cakes, pies and prepared dishes.

Dates for the Winter markets are as follows: Jan. 23, Feb. 6 & 20, March 6 & 20, and April 3 and 17. The regular-season market begins May with a weekly Saturday schedule.

Davidson Farmer’s Market
North Carolina Farmers Markets Directory
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Books for Farmers' Markets: The Flower Farmer (Revised and Expanded)

Books for Farmers' Markets: The Flower Farmer (Revised and Expanded)

Acre-for-acre, flowers are the most profitable crop on the farm.

In this book, flower grower Lynn Byczynski provides a complete introduction to raising a cornucopia of cut flowers for home use and for sale to retail customers, florists, and other markets.

The book offers detailed, manageable plans for flower growing on a scale ranging from a backyard border to a half-acre commercial garden.

Now available in a revised and expanded edition,The Flower Farmer provides a clear, realistic look at both the benefits and the challenges of growing flowers organically for local markets.

Books for Farmers' Markets
The Flower Farmer: An Organic Grower's Guide to Raising and Selling Cut Flowers
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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jacket from Walled Lake, Michigan

Combining the warmth and classic good looks of a sweater with the performance and weather protection of a jacket, this is a new form of outerwear.

High quality wool and polyester is blended with a luxurious fleece liner to make this jacket warm, comfortable and wind resistant. High-wear areas are reinforced with technical softshell fabric that also provides a wind resistant barrier.

The jacket includes ample zippered pockets and leather zipper pulls.

Razor Clams from Chile

Razor Clams now available from Chile

These Chilean wild caught Razor Clams are delicate and ready to eat from the can.

Excellent for salads, hor d'ourves, and pastas.

Sold in 3.2-ounces packages, 12 per case.

Fresh Pomegranates from Los Angeles, California

Fresh Pomegranates now available from Los Angeles, California

When you split a pomegranate open, a mass of red seeds in a spongy white membrane is revealed. The wonderfully sweet and tart seeds and juice are edible.

What can you do with these tantalizing seeds?

Pop them in your mouth, try sprinkling them over salads, fruit desserts, cakes, or puddings, or use them in marinades, glazes, sauces and garnish. Top waffles, oatmeal, pancakes, cereal or sundaes.

Sold in sets of six weighing approximately four pounds.


Farm Produce

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Farmers Market Supply: Price Computing Scale

Because of its portability, this Price Computing Scale is very popular at farmers markets. Equipped with both an AC adapter and a built-in rechargeable battery, it meets virtually any weighing need in a variety of settings.

Designed for minimum maintenance, the scale offers an easy-to-operate keypad and easy-to-read displays on the front and back to take the guesswork out of calculations. Nine direct access memory keys allow for quick access to common items with the added functionality to retrieve information on up to 100 additional items.

Price Computing Scale
Farmers Market Supply
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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Outlet: 3D-Ready Home Theater Projector

Outlet: 3D-Ready Home Theater Projector

The future of home entertainment will be in 3-D, according to many industry leaders. 3-D brings a new dimension to both gaming and movies. While gaming is poised to lead the charge in 3-D content in the home, movies will follow soon.

This Home Theater Projector is prepared for tomorrow while providing stunningly beautiful widescreen viewing today. In addition to delivering 3-D in 720p HD (1280 x 720), this unit can also project 3-D content in XGA (1024 x 768) and SVGA (800 x 600) resolution.

As with all 3-D displays, a 3-D source, 3-D content and 3-D glasses are required for 3-D viewing.

Pink Roses from Miami, Florida

Pink Roses available from Miami, Florida.

This bouquet of 12 Pink Ecuadorian or Colombian Roses is accented with greens. The flowers are handpicked and shipped as a bouquet, fresh from the farm, ready to arrange in a vase. (Vase not included.)

Flowers will in a specially designed gift box fresh, budding and ready to bloom.

Plants and Seeds
The Gift Shop
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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Market Update: Keller Farmers Market in Keller, Texas

Market Update: Keller Farmers Market in Keller, Texas

This is a seasonal open air market dedicated to delivering healthy, local food and artisanal bounty.

This year's market is set for Saturdays, 8 am - 1pm or sellout from March 27 to October 30, and will be held around the Town Hall at 251 Town Center Lane in Keller, Texas.

Holidays: National Flag of Canada Day

National Flag of Canada Day

Canada's maple leaf flag was raised for the first time on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on February 15, 1965, as the National Flag of Canada. Popularly known as the Maple Leaf and l'Unifolié (French for "the one-leafed") it is a base red flag with a white square in its centre featuring a stylized, 11-pointed, red maple leaf.

Observed on February 15 each year, the National Flag of Canada Day occurs on the third day of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.

National Flag of Canada Day
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Monday, January 18, 2010

Hand Molded Breads from Charlotte, North Carolina

Hand Molded Breads available direct from the baker in Charlotte, North Carolina.

These breads are made from scratch with no added preservativess. Selection includes baguettes, ciabatta, challah, Italian braided bread, Irish soda bread, rye, whole wheat, spelt, cinnamon buns and old style hand rolled bagels.

Baked Goods
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Energy Farming: Solar Power Your Home for Dummies

Now available on the Solar page in Energy Farming: Solar Power Your Home for Dummies

The latest edition of this best-selling guide to solar power includes small- and medium-sized DIY projects and information on installing PV systems.

The book offers hands-on tips and techniques for making homes more energy-efficient though solar power and helping the planet at the same time. Plus, there's all the latest information on changes to federal, state, and local regulations, laws, and tax incentives that seek to make solar-power adoption more feasible.

Jams, Jellies, Preserves: Westinghouse Home Canning Guide

Westinghouse Home Canning Guide published in 1944 now available in Jams, Jellies, Preserves.

This softcover booklet is in very good condition with some fading and a couple small tears. Recipes for rhubarb jam are taped inside.

Includes information on brining, quick freezing, dehydrating and winter storage in cellars, pits and boxes.

Farmer's Market Online Today

Welcome to Farmer's Market Online, the world's oldest and largest continuing online marketplace for producers selling their handmade, custom crafted, home grown and farm raised goods direct to consumers worldwide.

On Sunday, January 17 there were 3,197 unique visitors at Farmer’s Market Online making 15,752 page hits.

Most Visited Farmers Market Directories:
1. Florida
2. New Jersey
3. Illinois
4. Texas
5. California
6. Hawaii
7. Alabama
8. Michigan
9. Ohio
10. Pennsylvania

Vendors in this market receive 100 percent of the purchase price for every item sold. There are no sales reports to file and no commissions to pay. Every transaction is strictly between the consumer and the vendor.

Shoppers communicate with and deal directly with the producer, giving them the opportunity to know who is making or growing the goods and how they are being produced.

To join Farmer's Market Online as a vendor, either lease a Booth or register for a basic Listing on the Buy Direct Directory

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Kitchen Supply: Gourmet "Add 'N' Weigh" Kitchen Scale

Gourmet "Add'N'Weigh" Kitchen Scale now available in Kitchen Gadgets section of Kitchen Supply

The scale weighs foods, spices, and more in 1-ounce increments and measures up to 5 pounds or 2.2-kilograms. Ingredients can be weighed consecutively without removing them from the bowl.

The clear dishwasher-safe bowl is detachable, making cleanup easy.

The scale has a chrome finish and needs no batteries.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Chevon from Del Norte, Colorado

Chevon (goat meat) available direct from Del Norte, Colorado.

This meat comes from premium young alfalfa and grass-fed Boer and Boer-X meat goats. NO imports. Never any hormones.

A wide variety of cuts and sizes available, including tenderloins, chops, chuck roast, shank, ribs, ground and stew meat.

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Today's Market: St. Lawrence Food Market

Today's Market: St. Lawrence Food Market

Established in 1803, this market located in the heart of historic Old Town Toronto at Front and Jarvis Streets is generally regarded as one of the world's best food markets. Comprised of two buildings, the North Market is home to the Saturday Farmers' Market.

The North Market is open Saturdays from 5am to 5pm. The South Market is open Tuesdays through Saturdays.

Canned Dungeness Crab from Charleston, Oregon

Canned Dungeness Crab available direct from the boat in Charleston, Oregon.

This crab is offloaded at a cannery in Winchester Bay and processed live for the finest canned crab available anywhere. Perfect for a quick crab louie, crab cakes, pasta or a perfect crab cocktail.

Sold in sets of six 5-1/2 ounce cans.

Seafood and Fish
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Farmer's Market Online Today

Welcome to Farmer's Market Online, the world's oldest and largest continuing online marketplace for producers selling their handmade, custom crafted, home grown and farm raised goods direct to consumers worldwide.

On Friday, January 15 there were 3,118 unique visitors at Farmer’s Market Online making 15,844 page hits.

Most Popular Articles:
1. Here's How To... Build Snowshoes
2. Here's How To... Make Cheese
3. Here's How To... Make An Arrowhead
4. Here's How To... Make A Book
5. Tips: Cooking Rabbit
6. Here's How To... Build a Treehouse
7. Recipe: Maple Breakfast Sausage
8. Book Stall: How To Build Animal Housing
9. Holidays: Three Kings Day
10. Here's How To... Make a Moccasin

Vendors in this market receive 100 percent of the purchase price for every item sold. There are no sales reports to file and no commissions to pay. Every transaction is strictly between the consumer and the vendor.

Shoppers communicate with and deal directly with the producer, giving them the opportunity to know who is making or growing the goods and how they are being produced.

To join Farmer's Market Online as a vendor, either lease a Booth or register for a basic Listing on the Buy Direct Directory.

Friday, January 15, 2010

American Persimmon Trees from Rome, Indiana.

American Persimmon Trees now available from Rome, Indiana.

These persimmon trees are shipped 18 to 24 inches tall.

Nothing quite matches the character and old-fashioned charm of a persimmon tree, with its wild, twisting branches, nearly black bark, and black-polka-dotted leaves. Seeing one is guaranteed to make you think longingly of the old family farm, of fencerows and country fields.

After the foliage drops in fall, the bright orange fruits dangle from the branches like Christmas balls. Taste a persimmon and reconnect with your memories of simpler days.

Persimmons are highly prized by mockingbirds, wild turkeys, blue jays, robins, gray catbirds, pileated woodpeckers, eastern bluebirds, cedar waxwings, raccoons, opossums, deer, and bears.

Open Air Market Update: Ashfield Farmers Market in Ashfield, Massachusetts

Market Update: Ashfield Farmers Market in Ashfield, Massachusetts

This seasonal open-air market features local produce.

Held on the Ashfield Town Common at 457 Main Street, the market is open every Saturday from Memorial Day Weekend until the end of October, from 8:30 am to 12:30pm.

Here's How To... Grow Mushrooms

Sarah Workman loves mushrooms, so much so that she grows them on her property in Georgia. She uses the homegrown fungi in recipes, sells them at local farmers markets and pays her property taxes with the profits.

A forest ecologist with the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Workman shares her mushroom knowledge at workshops and classes.

For temperate climates like Georgia's, Workman recommends backyard mushroom growers use warm weather strains of starter.

"The inoculation material is usually a mixture of sterilized saw dust or other fiber substance and a liquid culture of the specific fungus," she said.

The material costs $25 to $50 for small amounts and can be ordered from various sites online.


Animal Husbandry Books: Storey's Guide to Raising Pigs

Storey's Guide to Raising Pigs has been added to Animal Husbandry Books selection.

The 3rd edition of this trusted resource for new and experienced pig farmers has just been published.

In addition to advice on breed selection, housing, humane handling, butchering, disease prevention and treatment, this edition includes expanded coverage of green farming methods, a larger breed guide including rare and heritage breeds, and a record-keeping appendix.

Storey's Guide to Raising Pigs

Animal Husbandry Books

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Fine Ornaments in the Gift Shop

Fine Ornaments for all seasons and all occasions available in the Gift Shop.

Link to for direct links to hundreds of ornament sources, including antique ornaments, brass ornaments, collectible ornaments, glass ornaments, holiday ornaments, and sports ornaments.

Open Air Market Update: Thompson Falls Market in Thompson Fall, Montana

Market Update: Thompson Falls Market in Thompson Falls, Montana

This is a community market that features locally grown produce, farm fresh eggs, baked goods and handmade arts and crafts.

The 2010 market will be held on Saturdays, 9am - 1pm, starting June 26 through September 25, except for Huckleberry Festival Weekend, August 14.

Look for the market in the West Lot of the Falls Motel at Lincoln Street & Maiden Lane, a half block west of Highway 200 and Main Street in Thompson Falls.

Thompson Falls Market

Montana Farmers Markets Directory

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Custom Made Rocking Cradle from Fishers, Indiana

Custom Made Rocking Cradle now available from Fishers, Indiana.

Old-world craftsmanship from the backwoods of Northern Indiana!

Each piece of this all wood custom cradle is individually cut, sanded then shipped to your door fully assembled.

Crafted in your choice of natural oak or cherry wood. Being made with all natural woods, each cradle has its own character, and variances in wood tones should be expected.

This wood rocking cradle can be used as a doll accessory, or as a display piece in a child's room. Yes, the cradle actually rocks!

Doll Furniture
Handmade Crafts
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Open Air Market Update: Lakes Region Farmers' Market in Windham, Maine

Market Update: Lakes Region Farmers' Market in Windham, Maine

This is a seasonal open air market offering meat, dairy, soaps, baked goods, plants, vegetables, cheeses and crafts.

Held on Saturdays, 8am to noon, starting the first Saturday in May through the end of October.

Lakes Region Farmers' Market
Maine Farmers Markets Directory
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Open Air

Sea Blue and Gold Vermeil Earrings from Lawrenceville New Jersey

Sea Blue and Gold Vermeil Earrings now available from Lawrenceville New Jersey

Made with Italian Silver and Murano glass bead with 18K gold Vermeil gold dust bead. Chain has a rhodium anti-tarnish finish.

Earrings come gift wrapped in a presentation gift box and/or silk jewelry pounch.

Handmade Crafts
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Farm Kitchen Guide: Curry

Curries are stews flavored with a particular blend of spices. The dishes have their roots in India, but there are versions everywhere in the world.

Curry-like spice mixtures -- mustard seed, cumin, saffron, etc -- have a long history. They've been found in excavations dating to 2500 B.C. in the Indus Valley of what is now Pakistan, according to A World of Curries' by Dave DeWitt and Arthur Pais, and are mentioned in the Vedas, the sacred literature of the Hindus.

First grown in abundance along the Malabar Coast of Kerala in India, curries began a worldwide journey courtesy of the British Empire.

In the Pacific Islands, curries come with pineapple; in Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries, they include lemon grass and coconut milk. You'll
find peanuts in some African curries.

Curries became especially popular in the U.S. in the 1920s. M.F.K. Fisher, the renowned food writer, loved the taste of curry and wrote of making deviled eggs with it as a child.

Although the definition of curries and the specific blend of curry ingredients is multitudinous, there is some agreement about their preparation. Most cooks that the blend first must be roasted:

Heat the whole spices in a dry skillet just enough so that they begin to color and you can smell them. Then, cool the spices before grinding them.

When you are set to cook your curry, fry the spice mixture briefly in hot oil to coax the release of its flavors.

Lemon Costume for Promoting Lemon Crop

Lemon Growers: Wear Your Crop With Pride

Lemon Costume available for special promotions, or Halloween.

Adult-size comes with fabric over foam yellow lemon suit. Includes matching lemon hat, but tights are not included.