Sunday, January 23, 2011

Certified Organic Coconut Flour from Finland, Minnesota

Certified Organic Coconut Flour now available from Finland, Minnesota

Coconut flour is uniquely different from all other wheat alternatives. It is naturally low in digestible carbohydrates and contains no gluten. It has less carbohydrates than soy or nut flours while high in fiber and a good source of protein.

Coconut flour is 4 times higher in fiber than oat bran, 2 times higher in fiber than wheat bran, and 3 times higher in fiber than ground flaxseed. Unlike other fibers, coconut flour/fiber can be used as a flour to make delicious bakery products and main dishes that are much tastier than other wheat alternatives. Coconut flour also contains more protein than white or rye flour and cornmeal. It has about as much protein as you find in buckwheat and whole wheat flours. Breads made with coconut flour are light and soft and have a wonderful taste and texture.

Sold in 1Kg (2.2-lb) bags.

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