Monday, May 30, 2011

Sweet Potato & Yam Spice from Fairfield, Connecticut

Sweet Potato & Yam Spice from Fairfield, Connecticut now available with Spices and Seasonings in Specialty Foods.

A 1 oz. package of this Sweet Potato & Yam Spice added to a 32oz. can of sweet potatoes or yams creates a treat that tastes like it took all day.

Can be used in in any sweet potato or yam recipe. Spices up desserts like Sweet Potato Pie, Pumpkin Pie or Sweet Potato Fries.

Also works as a topping for sweet breads and cookies.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Holiday: Memorial Day

Until 1971, Memorial Day was celebrated on May 30, but the National Holiday Act passed by Congress and signed by President Richard Nixon specified the holiday would fall on the "last Monday in May," assuring workers a three-day weekend.

Believing the date change muted the significance of the holiday, politicians introduced bills in both houses of Congress in 1999 to restore the holiday to its traditional date, but neither bill passed.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Events: Milk Moon

Tonight's full moon is often referred to as the Milk Moon.

This full moon was known as the Flower Moon by Algonquian Indians of North America.

The full moon in May has also been dubbed the Corn Planting Moon, Corn Moon, Hare's Moon.

Buddhists refer to the May full moon as Buddha Poornima, while Hindus call it Vesak Poya.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Home Grown: Talking to Plants

Discussing his gardening habits, England’s Prince Charles once told an interviewer: "I just come and talk to the plants, really. Very important to talk to them; they respond."

The theory that plants benefit from human conversation dates to 1848, when German professor Gustav Fechner published the book "Nanna (Soul-life of Plants)." The idea is a popular one, and has spawned several more books and even an album — recorded in 1970 by an enterprising dentist — titled "Music to Grow Plants By." But will crooning compliments to your ficus really have any effect on its growth?

"There isn’t a lot of research in this area, but there is evidence that plants respond to sound," says Rich Marini, head of Penn State’s horticulture department. "Wind or vibration will induce changes in plant growth. Since sound is essentially vibration, my guess is that vibration is causing a response."

In fact, plants react readily to a host of environmental stimuli, as the ability to respond to changing environments is vital to their survival.

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