Friday, April 27, 2012

Tips from the Farm Kitchen: Foaming Milk

Getting the milk to foam properly when making a real cappuccino with espresso and steamed milk is a precise art. Creating the perfect foam for your coffee is not as easy as it sounds.

It is generally accepted that one should use cold milk (40°F [4°C]) and rapidly inject steam into the chilled liquid.

The steam and rapid mixing form the bubbles that create the foam.

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Home Grown: Selecting and Using a Lawn Spreader

Basically, two spreader equipment options are available for distributing crabgrass preventer, lawn fertilizer or turf seed.

Neither spreader is better or cheaper to use than the other; both are available to buy or rent. Choosing between them is just a matter of experience and opinion, according to horticulturist Rodney St. John, turfgrass specialist with Kansas State University Research and Extension.

One spreader drops granules or seeds directly to the ground beneath its wheels. The other houses a rotary mechanism that broadcasts the lawn input out over a broader area.

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Farm Direct: Targeted Grazing with Sheep and Goats

Goats and sheep have a reputation for eating vegetation that most other grazing animals would not touch. This trait makes them invaluable to people who need to raise livestock in tough climates, but it's also made them popular for landowners who need to clear brush or invasive plants from overgrown parcels.

The nimble grazers can get into overgrown areas that even the most dedicated groundskeeper or gardener won't chance. They've proven to be a low-impact, low-cost way to control invasive plants like privet, kudzu, honeysuckle and English ivy.

The practice of using sheep and goats to clear out unwanted brush is called targeted grazing, and many government agencies, municipalities and private landowners are using it to keep vacant lots, steep back yards, parks and right-of-ways clear of brush.

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

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