Monday, August 12, 2013

Good Weight: Aristolochia Produces Most Potent Carcinogen

Cancer researchers at the National Cancer Centre Singapore have discovered that Aristolochic Acid, a natural compound found in Aristolochia plants, is the most potent known carcinogen, causing more DNA mutations than cigarette smoke or ultraviolent light.

The compound has been commonly used in traditional herbal preparations for various health problems such as weight-loss, menstrual symptoms and rheumatism. It has been officially banned in Europe and North America since 2001 and in Asia since 2003, but its long-term impact is still being felt as patients with associated kidney failure and cancer are still being diagnosed, especially in Taiwan.

In addition, certain AA-containing products are still permitted under supervision and products containing AA are still easily available worldwide, including over the internet.

Source: SingHealth

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