Thursday, October 1, 2015

Cedar Fence Posts from Humble, Texas

Now available in Farm Supply:
Cedar Fence Posts available direct from Discount Cedar in Humble, Texas.

These are Number One Grade Mountain Cedar Posts - straight, strong, dense heartwood, long lasting - shipped from the Ozark Mountains in Missouri.

Unlike Texas cedar, Ozark Mountain cedar does not rot and is very dense. The heartwood, or red center of the post comprises 80% of these fence posts, making the wood very strong. The white outer layer of the post, sapwood, is more common in Texas cedar species and will rot in a few years. Also, Missouri cedar grows tall and straight, making these fence posts almost as uniform as milled lumber.

Small quantities can be picked up at the cedar yard in Humble, Texas. Truckload order are shipped directly from a cedar mill in Missouri to any location in the United States.

Cedar Fence Posts
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