Thursday, October 13, 2016

Infused Olive and Safflower Oils from Vineland, New Jersey

Now available with Dressings, Oils & Marinades in Specialty Foods:
Infused Olive and Safflower Oils direct from Bibs' Passion Oil in Vineland, New Jersey

These infused oils are crafted in a small commercial kitchen in small quanities to afford maximum shelf life. Starting with 100% extra virgin olive oil as a base, the oil is infused with California grown garlic and select dried herbs and spices for a short period of time before being strained through cheese cloth and poured into 5 and 8.5 ounce bottles.

Infused safflower oils are available in Orange (great with all meats and vegetables) Lemon Basil (ideal for seafood and stir frying vegetables), Thai Chili Pepper (hot & spicy) and Jalepeño Garlic flavors.

Family owned and operated, Bibs' Passion Oil is the creation of culinary artist “Bibs,” who wears Bib overalls all the time because they’re comfortable and fit his lifestyle.

Infused Olive & Safflower Oils
Dressings, Oils & Marinades
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