Monday, January 8, 2018

Home Grown: Growing Heirlooms.

Most gardeners have heard of heirloom seeds and probably have a fairly good idea what they are. Gardeners often refer to heirloom seeds as "Grandmother's seed" or something similar.

As the name implies, heirloom seeds are carried down from generation to generation, similar to handing down a desired antique from generation to generation. What is so special about this? Isn't that what a seed company can do? In short, yes. But the full answer to this question is a little more complicated...

Heirloom seed is obtained from open pollination and produces seed that is not a clone of the parent plants but typically looks a lot like the parent. You can usually collect seeds from heirloom plants (plants grown with heirloom seed) and obtain offspring that resemble the parent plants.

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